Vehicle, Boat, and RV Storage in Texas

Owning a fishing boat or a luxury RV is a great time until it comes time to find a place to park them during the offseason. They can take up space in your garage and some homeowner associations have strict rules about parking them on your driveway. Fortunately, finding an affordable place to store your vehicle, boat, or RV in Texas is now a problem of the past. The Storage Place offers a wide selection of vehicle storage options that are flexible, budget-friendly, and reliable.

Types of Vehicle Storage

There are many different types of vehicles that require different types of storage accommodations. For instance, a two-door sedan wouldn’t need the same type of storage as a class B camper RV. That’s why we provide plenty of vehicle storage options that can accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We offer uncovered outdoor and covered parking spaces at our facilities that range in size from 12’ x 20’ to 12 ’x 45’. Please note that exact sizes and availability will differ from location to location.

Uncovered Vehicle Storage

Similar to a standard parking space, these units are great for large RVs, trailers, and motorhomes. Because they are uncovered, we suggest you invest in a car, boat, or RV cover to protect against mildew and other outdoor elements. Look for a cover that is strong, water-resistant, and made of breathable material.For RVs, we offer pull-through parking; a simple way to get your RV into storage without worrying about bumping into other vehicles or objects.

Covered Vehicle Storage

These units feature a roof covering above the parking space that helps protect your car, boat, or RV from rain, sun, hail, dust, and other types of debris. Our covered vehicle storage spaces have optional electricity hookups as well as an RV dump station available for your use.

Vehicle Storage Features

At The Storage Place, we are dedicated to providing you with convenient car, boat, and RV storage solutions that you can rely on. Our facilities are well-lit and are surrounded with surveillance systems and keypad-enabled access gates. We even have wide aisles that make it easy to maneuver your large truck, boat, or RV into their designated parking spaces. Additionally, we offer month-to-month leases that give you the flexibility to choose how long you want to store your vehicle with no strings attached!

Vehicle, Boat, and RV Storage Tips

Before storing your vehicle with us, be sure that it is properly prepared for storage. Clean both the interior and exterior of the vehicle and make sure that it is free of any perishable items that might attract pests and rodents. Check fuel lines and gaskets, remove the battery, and seal any windows or vents to prepare for long-term storage.

At The Storage Place, it is required that the customer present the title, registration, and proof of insurance of the vehicle being stored. The unit must also be reserved by the same person that is listed as the owner of the vehicle.

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With our vehicle, boat, and RV parking units at The Storage Space, you’ll be able to focus more on your outdoor adventures instead of wasting time finding a reliable storage facility. Our friendly storage professionals are always eager to help and any questions you may have regarding our vehicle storage options. Ready to get started? Find a Storage Place storage facility near you now!

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