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U-Haul is the leading moving truck rental company in the United States with over 20,000 certified U-Haul locations across North America. The Storage Place offers U-Haul truck and trailer rentals at each of our self-storage locations to make your move as easy as possible.


There are two types of U-Haul truck or trailer rentals:

  • Local: Rent a truck for in-town use only, which has pick-up and drop-off at the same location.
  • One Way Rental: Pick up the truck at one location and drop it off at another.

The cost will vary depending on the type of truck or trailer rented. The basic in-town cost is $29.95 per day and $0.79 per mile.


There are a variety of truck sizes available from U-Haul to help with any moving need. It is important to remember to rent the correct-sized truck based on what you are moving. Below are a list of what size trucks are available:

  • Pick-ups: Pick-ups are good for small hauling jobs.
  • Cargo Vans: Cargo vans are the perfect size to move boxes and small furniture.
  • 10’ Trucks: This truck can hold the contents of a studio (or one room) apartment.
  • 15’ Trucks: The 15-foot truck can transport boxes, furniture and other belongings of up to a two-bedroom apartment.
  • 17’ Trucks: This sized truck is one of the most popular. It is the perfect size to put the contents of up to a two-bedroom, regular-sized home.
  • 20’ Trucks: Put the contents of a two to three-bedroom home in a 20-foot truck.
  • 26’ Trucks: The largest truck in the U-Haul fleet can hold the furniture, clothing, accessories and boxes of a four bedroom or larger home.


U-Haul also rents both covered and un-covered trailers. The trailers are aerodynamic, light-weight and easy to attach to trucks and cars with a trailer hitch available on U-Haul rental locations.

  • 6×12 Enclosed Cargo Trailer: The largest trailer rental can be used for hauling a variety of home and business items.
  • 5×8 Enclosed Cargo Trailer: This is the most popular trailer rental offered at U-Haul. There is a low loading deck and it is fully enclosed.
  • Tow Dolly Car Transport: Tow a car behind your U-Haul rental truck. The front wheels of the car are attached to the transport with heavy-duty security chains and ratchet tire straps.
  • Auto Transport: These car trailers are perfect for long-distance moves. The car is fully attached to the four wheel transport with chains and straps.


The Storage Place requires that you provide a driver’s license and your payment option (either cash or credit card are accepted) when picking up your U-Haul trailer or truck rental. Before driving the moving truck off of the lot, visually inspect the vehicle for broken lights, leaks or other damages.

When returning the truck after use, The Storage Place has an off-business hours drop-off box for U-Haul renters to leave their vehicle keys. Customers should park the truck or trailer and leave the keys in the designated return box. The truck will be checked in the next day.

The truck or trailer is reserved through the U-Haul website. During the reservation process, the site will pick out the closest U-Haul rental place for the customer, which could be at one of The Storage Place self-storage locations. After the reservation is completed, it is recommended to call the U-Haul dealer to verify the rental and the drop-off place if it is different.

At the time of rental, U-Haul guarantees the size of the rental truck, but doesn’t guarantee the location and the availability at that location. But, they will let the customer know which locations have the available truck.


Planning on moving belongings into a storage unit? The Storage Place offers use of a free move-in truck for our new renters at all of our storage facilities. Reserve the truck as soon as you know that you will need it, as the truck availability fills up quickly. Ask your storage professional any questions about the free move-in truck offer and our U-Haul truck rental policies and procedures.