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The college years are full of new experiences, challenges and adjustments. College students have to learn how to live in close quarters with not only one, but sometimes multiple roommates. While at the same time, they have to also try to fit all of their belongings into a small shared space. Students have to be very creative in storing school items like binders and books, along with clothing and everyday accessories in the limited storage space provided.

College students actually start off their school year with not a lot of personal belongings, but tend to gather more “stuff” as the school year (and years) progress. As the student accumulates more items, they could begin to run out of storage room quickly. Instead of having a cluttered dorm room, a great storage option is to rent a storage unit. A self-storage unit is a terrific year-round student storage solution for duplicate electronics or appliances, linens, clothing and kitchenware that they don’t have room for in their dorm rooms.


At the end of each college year, students have to pack up their personal items, electronics, furniture and all other memorabilia and transport it back home for storage in a bedroom, basement or garage for the summer. This can be very stressful for both the student and the family! A better summer storage solution for college students is to rent a self-storage unit to store belongings during the summer months.

There are certain items that college students should place in self-storage versus what they should take with them during a summer break. Belongings such as spring/summer clothing, jewelry, accessories, computers, printers, electronics, TVs and other higher-end electronic equipment should be taken home during the school break. However, renting a self-storage unit is great for storing everything else not listed above.


Most self-storage facilities, including The Storage Place, offer month-to-month rentals that are perfect for a college student’s budget. Our locations are protected by secure storage features such as state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, individual door alarms and secured access. The storage facilities can only be entered via keypad gated entry, giving students peace-of-mind that their belongings are safe and secure while in storage. We also offer climate controlled storage units which can protect student art projects, musical instruments, and/or sporting equipment that will not fit in a small dorm room.

The Storage Place has a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’ to cover any student storage needs. Depending on the size of the rented storage unit, students can place belongings ranging from books to couches in their storage unit. Students can also rent a larger storage unit and share the space with friends who have the same storage dorm room limitations! Storage units are perfect to store excess furniture, kitchenware, seasonal clothing, mattresses and books.