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Safety and security are important features when customers are searching for a self storage facility. They want to know that their belongings will be safe while being stored. It is important to take the time to investigate the security systems at the facility when renting a storage unit. Take a tour of the facility and look for security measures including lighting, key-pad entry and security cameras. These are only just a few of the many security measures that self storage facilities use to keep your items safe while in storage. The Storage Place makes having a safe and secure storage experience a top priority for our customers. Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and convenient storage option for our customers.


Our facilities offer a variety of safety and security measures:

Cleanliness and Lighting: The indoor and outdoor aisles at all of our self storage locations are well-lit. A clean property also shows that the resident managers and staff take pride in their facility and keep an eye out for the safety concerns of their customers.

Insect & Rodent Control: In addition to cleanliness and lighting, we take an additional step to keep our facilities clean by going through a routine insect and rodent control maintenance. We use a licensed pest control service on a scheduled service plan.

Camera Surveillance: Our secure self storage locations are equipped with digital video surveillance systems. There are video monitors at our offices and video surveillance cameras throughout the facility.

Secured Access: The Storage Place is fully surrounded by a fence. Our storage facilities are accessed by a keypad gated entry. Tenants are provided with their own personal key code to gain entry to the facility and the buildings.

Individual Door Alarms: Storage unit security doesn’t stop at the gate or the door. Most of our storage units have individual door alarms for additional security.


The Storage Place wants to provide our customers with a safe and secure storage experience. Our facilities are clean and well maintained and use state-of-the-art security measures. The Storage Place’s storage professionals are well versed in all of our security features and are available to explain how we keep our facilities and our customer's items safe.