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Renting a self-storage unit is a perfect storage solution for the construction industry. Many construction contractors like painters, electricians and plumbers work out of their vans and trucks and need a place to store their equipment. Some of the most successful contractors keep their overhead low by storing tools, equipment and bulk construction materials in a self-storage unit.

Using a self-storage unit for construction material storage—instead of storing on a building site or project location—will help to protect equipment and tools from weather damage, vandalism and theft. Choosing a self-storage facility in a centralized place, closer to a job location, makes it much easier for a contractor to transport equipment and tools as well.


Self-storage facilities offer many amenities for construction storage customers. Wide aisles and drive-up storage units allow contractors to quickly load and unload the equipment they need on a daily basis. A climate-controlled storage unit will help to protect tools stored long-term from extreme heat and humidity damage. Convenient computerized gate access hours allow contractors, electricians and plumbers to pick-up their tools early in the morning before they need to be on the job site to start their day. Deliveries of building materials can be accepted at some storage facilities, too, so contractors can continue working and not have to wait around for supplies to be delivered off-site. Security features such as video surveillance, keypad gated and building entry, well-lit locations, along with on-site managers provide contractors with peace-of-mind that their equipment will be safe while in storage.


Construction equipment and tools can be kept in good working condition while in storage by following a few basic tool storage tips. Small contractor tools should be stored by type in plastic bins in a self-storage unit. Plastic bins protect the tools from dirt, dust and other types of damage. The bins are also easy to stack and carry from the storage unit to a truck driven to a construction site. Make sure to label the boxes appropriately with the contents it includes so you will be able to find a specific tool when you need to access it in the future.

The Storage Place offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 suitable for every type of construction or contractor storage need. The larger storage unit sizes are perfect for construction material and equipment storage. Stop in to ask our storage professionals about how The Storage Place can help with construction equipment, building materials and contractor tool storage solutions today!